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The Women of Leadership and Philanthropy’s Faculty Research Award

Dara Chenevert

Attorney Dara Chenevert has experience in human resources and labor relations. Outside of her work, Dara Chenevert spends time supporting charitable organizations, such as the Women of Leadership and Philanthropy (WLP).

Founded in 2005, WLP is a nonprofit organization operated by the University of South Florida (USF). The organization seeks to create opportunities for women and support their initiatives in the areas of education, research, and business. In support of this effort, the organization has awarded more than $1 million through scholarship and faculty research award programs.
An annual grant, the WLP Faculty Research Award was first distributed in 2007. Eligible faculty members include those within the USF system who engage in efforts that target women’s issues in four categorical areas. These include an Institutional Research Award, Health Sciences Award, a Junior Faculty Research Award, and an Instructor Award. Each recipient receives a $5,000 award in support of their work, as well as a complimentary membership in the WLP program.

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